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Is local self-government a threat to nations and empires?

Are self-governing regions and municipalities a threat to the idea of nation and empire building? Of course, this objection can be made. The US is an empire, as are the EU and China, states made up of many different provinces and regions, where a central power has influence. I would argue that local government is …   →

Building a functioning nation out of a multicultural society of chaos

Historically, of course, the idea of governing a diverse society with many different ethnicities is nothing new. Romans, Greeks, Ottomans and Habsburgs have tried, and indeed succeeded, in keeping it stable for hundreds of years. It is a kind of oscillation between a strict authoritarian state and looser local self-government. The imperial power rarely interferes …   →

Bring in politicians from more suitable countries to govern Sweden

During the week, we were made aware of foreign gangs that have been wreaking havoc at Swedish amusement parks and funfairs; they spit, push their way through queues and threaten little girls. Without the security staff reacting significantly. Probably nothing new, but this time a father had the courage to stand up and tell the …   →

Twilight over Ukraine – thoughts on the origins of the conflict and where the war is going

Many of us wonder why the war is dragging on, both those who side with Ukraine and Russia. We see a protracted conflict with no major territorial gains, between partially equal armies, where the Russians have the demographic and economic advantage of being a larger country. And the longer the war continues, the greater the …   →

Swedish hubris – the rise and fall of the record-setting country

Many Swedes have never been attracted to a high-tax society or multiculturalism. They feel cheated and trampled on. And more and more people have changed their minds along the way, moving from being radical to more conservative in their view of society. And now they want to stop the decay and transformation of the country. …   →

The Constitution – an increasingly weak defender of citizens and their rights

When you ask people about the most important elements of democracy, most of them mention the parliament. This is where laws are made, or at least approved, and where political debates are held. Parliament comes from the French parlez, to speak. What other institution could better symbolize democracy? In other countries, people would mention the …   →

New project: “Regional Advancement”

There are plenty of think tanks that want to unite the world and, in a globalist spirit, create a kind of world government that governs both large and small. The UN is a body that is often used to guide countries in a certain direction. And we Europeans have already begun to experience this supranationality, …   →

The soft fist

Our liberal democratic system is based on a kind of paradox. It derives from the fear that anti-democratic parties will take advantage of free elections, win votes, and then dismantle the democratic system. The only effective way to protect oneself would be to ban anti-democrats. But bans are not compatible with openness and freedom of …   →

The birth of a superpower

The Americans have unwittingly given Russia a modern mythology, a historical turning point, a birth. When the conflict is over, the timeline will be divided into before and after the Ukrainian war. The difference between them will be significant. This is how the modern superpower Russia was born. This is how it took over the …   →

Paradox of democracy

Our democratic systems are almost untouchable. Anyone who criticises democracy is definitely not on the right level. Democracy is the only political system, with all its faults and shortcomings, there is nothing better. Most people agree on this. And there are even people who would risk their lives and go to war to spread democracy …   →

My book translated into English

The continuation of the adventure will be delayed for a while, instead I am launching an English translation of the existing book. The Swedish version has also been corrected and revised. And I thought I’d publish a few short lines as a test read here. Extract from chapter 5 The Technosophian Club was not just …   →