Conflicts, disasters

Covid-19 and the conspiracy theories

I am amused by the myths and mysteries of the past. And today’s conspiracy theories can usefully be seen as our equivalent to these phenomena. Often there is some sort of basis for the ideas, but they are embroidered, and presented as if they were planned and put forward by a number of conspirators. This …   ►

Countless times

Archibald Iratus lived in an austere turn-of-the-century house on Jungfrugatan, in Östermalm, Stockholm. It was extraordinarily difficult to find it, and I could wander around for a long time before I saw the unnumbered gate. Once last winter I even gave up and went home. It was as if the house itself or the entrance …   ►

The closed down society

Already in January we knew about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) behaved, about how great the risk of death was for different age groups, and that a significant proportion of the sick needed intensive care, sometimes with a respirator. We also realized that if the infection spreads, our healthcare systems would not meet the need. The …   ►

Let the gloomy clouds disperse

When I was a child, the future was a hopeful one, we would travel with hovering vessels between towering skyscrapers. And we believed that man would soon be exploring the stars. Nuclear power was risky, but it gave us a fantastic opportunity for infinite energy. And yes, mankind had many problems, but they would be …   ►