How the lack of leadership threatens our future

I see few natural leaders in Sweden, either in politics or business. My definition of a leader includes both practical leadership qualities as well as charisma, eloquence and some education. Most people in a leadership position resemble quota-based class presidents. They don’t really belong in their role, either intellectually or practically. Jimmie Åkesson, whatever you …   →

A reliable and safe society

Many people who have travelled in Asia, especially in Japan, come home and tell us how safe and orderly it is there. They are fascinated by clean streets and squares, high standards, well prepared food, low crime, trains that arrive on time, and that people are well dressed, polite and friendly. Let that sink in. …   →

When the plug goes out

We are in a delicate situation, where the state of the world can change monumentally from one day to the next, due to a number of factors that have been building up for a long time and accelerating. The first thing is the health of President Joe Biden. We have been following his struggles for …   →

What is a Swede?

We live in strange times. There are people who ask – what is a woman? And similar questions also arise about ethnicities and peoples. Whether this is just problematisation and relativisation to confuse and belittle, or whether these are real, sensible questions, we don’t really need to go into that. Personally, however, I am suspicious …   →

The missing elite

It was not the Swedes who built one of the richest countries in the world until the 1950s, with strong industry and a world-class air force, any more than it was the Greeks who built the Parthenon temple and calculated the circumference of the earth. It was a rather small elite that did these things, …   →

The unrighteous heirs

I and many others have written about the magical year of 1968, which is symbolised by the youth rebellion, the rise of the left-wing movement, cultural change, the quest for equality and, above all, the emergence of a new elite. It is often said that the left marched into academia, media and institutions. They took …   →

Heat, decay, and plastic turning to dust

I live in a country with hot summers and high humidity. This means that many products have a shorter lifespan, especially things made of plastic. For example, it’s not uncommon for the inner door handle on cars to break off, as the heat fatigues the plastic and causes it to fail; the same goes for …   →

Mankind – oversocialised, unfree and trapped in the cage of industrial society?

Theodore Kaczynski, the UNA bomber, passed away recently. He is partly remembered for his philosophical writings, in which he describes human as over-socialised, unfree and trapped in the intricate web of industrial society. He himself moved to the wilderness and attempted a life there. Kaczynski is best known for the bombs he sent to selected …   →

New project: “Regional Advancement”

There are plenty of think tanks that want to unite the world and, in a globalist spirit, create a kind of world government that governs both large and small. The UN is a body that is often used to guide countries in a certain direction. And we Europeans have already begun to experience this supranationality, …   →

My book translated into English

The continuation of the adventure will be delayed for a while, instead I am launching an English translation of the existing book. The Swedish version has also been corrected and revised. And I thought I’d publish a few short lines as a test read here. Extract from chapter 5 The Technosophian Club was not just …   →

Trans, the new global mass movement

In recent years we have been haunted by eight global cyclical media mass movements. I refer to David Strömberg’s excellent thesis and article (in Swedish), with some additions and minor modifications. The mass movements are often cyclical, lasting 6-24 months, then a new cycle follows. They have a global impact. Society is also affected beyond …   →