Historians usually talk about transitional or intermediate periods. These include ancient Egypt and the time between the different kingdoms. And the period between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in Greece. Or the Middle Ages, which is the period between the Roman Empire and the Enlightenment, which is a lot of years, and a …   →

Modernism – liberation, ugliness or scam?

Modernism is a cultural, aesthetic and architectural phenomenon that can sometimes be oversimplified as primitivism, cubism and the search for something different. At least that’s how it started. Primitivism can be seen in Picasso’s portraits, which were inspired by African masks, cubism can of course also be seen in Picasso’s work, as well as everywhere …   →

Dinosaurs have taken over

When a species no longer has any natural enemies, its evolution tends to take strange forms. Take for example the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which lived 66-68 million years ago. It was one of the largest terrestrial predators on Earth; probably a terrifying sight in its day, with oversized jaws and abnormally underdeveloped front legs. An extremely …   →

The plastic-baggery

Several Western countries have now banned plastic bags. In fact they are not actually banned, but only in certain specific contexts. It is not allowed to sell them over the counter, with the intention of packing goods in them for home transport. It is also not allowed to use so-called organic plastic bags made from …   →


Words and tone are increasingly important, so that we don’t hurt or say something that could be offensive. As if middle-aged women were running the world from a perpetual coffee run. I don’t know how we got here, but we now live in a Gynocracy. And it’s not enough to avoid or warn against people, …   →

The 1970s are back – who will save us this time?

The turmoil of the 1970s is partly reflected in popular culture, with films such as The Warriors, set in a graffiti-painted slum, seeing violent clashes between different gangs. A result of urban depopulation, economic crises, business closures, ethnic divisions and riots. And in the Bond film Diamonds are Forever, we see the homosexual couple Mr. …   →

Why everyone hates the middle class

The middle class is under constant attack from the left, but also from other radical groups. It’s a bit tacky to be middle class, a bit anxious and stupid, like the sheep in the pasture who don’t understand anything and just go with the flow. And it is often considered right and proper to criticize …   →

Global banana republic

Most countries on the American continent are considered banana republics, with the exception of the United States and Canada. And it’s a sad development, where we see formerly rich countries like Brazil, for example, turning into corrupt and unmanageable societies. Even Argentina might have become a more successful society if it were not haunted by …   →

Isn’t it better to live in a warm shitty country than in a cold and dark one?

Many Swedes now live in a dysfunctional environment, with explosions, crime and high taxes but weaker social services. And more and more people are starting to wonder whether it wouldn’t be better to live in a warm shitty country than a cold and dark one? There are many countries in the world with half-assed public …   →

The journey goes to Krakow

Before I had time to really reflect, I had impulsively bought a plane ticket to Krakow. It didn’t cost very much, thanks to the new low-cost airlines that have taken over the market, and it was a direct flight, with no annoying stopovers, to the airport named after the Polish Pope John Paul II. An …   →

The First and Second Anglo Empire

The Angles were a North Germanic people who lived somewhere between present-day Denmark and Germany, and the origin of the name has often been associated with fishing or sea bays. When they arrived in the British Isles around 4-500 AD, they were met by Celtic tribes who were defeated and slowly pushed westwards into present-day …   →