The world is waiting patiently for Biden to retire. And for the West to become the West again.

The geopolitical entanglements of the past year are beginning to unravel. It all started when the Russians grew tired of the Ukrainians not honouring the two Minsk agreements, which involved leaving the Russian minority alone and some autonomy. The Russians took a limited force and went in to “scare” the Ukrainians to the negotiating table. …   →

What if the US abandons Israel?

We know that the US, the world policeman, often abandons its war projects, from the Vietnam War to Afghanistan. Even countries like Korea have been partially abandoned, divided, with a frozen conflict. The behaviour has its reasons, probably often because the US cannot send and maintain huge armies across the globe. At best they can …   →

Autonomy and statehood in a multipolar world

The world’s eyes are on Gaza, where Israeli aircraft are currently laying carpet bombs in response to Hamas’ lightning attack. Gaza is a small territory, about 40 kilometres long and less than 7 kilometres wide, bordering Egypt and Israel, with a population of about two million. However, Gaza does not border the West Bank, and …   →

West before East

In the great game between nations and empires, I am of course in favour of the Western cultural sphere. The one based on the Western and Central European countries, and which partly opposes the Eastern European culture, including Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The West has created a strong and extraordinarily successful civilisation; I need hardly …   →

Islamic revival and the Great Game

With the recent attacks on Israel by Hamas, it is interesting to see how the organisation was created and its origins. Hamas is an Arabic abbreviation for the Islamic Resistance Movement and was formed in 1987, shortly after the outbreak of the first intifada. It was a spin-off of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, whose Gaza …   →

When the plug goes out

We are in a delicate situation, where the state of the world can change monumentally from one day to the next, due to a number of factors that have been building up for a long time and accelerating. The first thing is the health of President Joe Biden. We have been following his struggles for …   →

New borders in Europe if Ukraine falls?

Europe’s borders have been miraculously stable since World War II. With the threat of nuclear war and the complete eradication of our civilization, the appetite for war and conquest has not been very high. We have seen glimpses of a different order in the Yugoslavian conflict, and more recently in Ukraine. Where parts of Donbass …   →

What is a Swede?

We live in strange times. There are people who ask – what is a woman? And similar questions also arise about ethnicities and peoples. Whether this is just problematisation and relativisation to confuse and belittle, or whether these are real, sensible questions, we don’t really need to go into that. Personally, however, I am suspicious …   →

The birth of a superpower

The Americans have unwittingly given Russia a modern mythology, a historical turning point, a birth. When the conflict is over, the timeline will be divided into before and after the Ukrainian war. The difference between them will be significant. This is how the modern superpower Russia was born. This is how it took over the …   →

Europe as a third major power, with France as the leading nation

Germany is shutting down its last reactors and focusing on coal power instead. The shift is a result of pressure from environmentalists. One might question the logic of this, as nuclear energy is extremely clean compared to coal. There is also considerable scope for developing and improving nuclear energy, while coal-fired power stations are certainly …   →

A narrow window of opportunity – the agony of the American Empire, and the world that caught up with it

Others have said it better than me, but it bears repeating. The US had a narrow window of opportunity to shape the world at the turn of the millennium, before Russia reasserted itself and before China emerged on the global stage. That window is closing, and Washington’s panic is manifesting itself in ill-conceived proxy conflicts …   →