Hidden power, decay and upheaval

Am I the only one who feels that politics is a farce, with clowns like Trudeau, Macron, Zelinsky and the mummy Biden? And in the EU we have Ursula von der Leyen whose political career is lined with failures and corruption. It’s a mockery of the intelligence of the electorate. One wonders how many birdbrains …   →

Is the woke left an intolerant, humourless and puritanical Free Church movement?

It is often said that Christianity’s great contribution to the development of humanity was its view of man. Every human being was equal before God’s judgment, that we thus had the same essence and value before eternity. Good deeds in the course of one’s life could of course contribute to a higher value before St. …   →

What does the far right want?

We are not talking about the totalitarian ideologies of the early 20th century, but about the far right that is around us today. What do they really want? And how do their views differ from those of ordinary people? Perhaps they are inspired by the way we lived a few decades ago, when things were …   →

The search for the fourth political direction

In short, the political confrontations of the 20th century were about three different ideologies, communism, fascism and liberalism. After the Second World War, fascism lost, and in 1991, communism was also wiped off the map after the fall of the Soviet Union. What remained was Western liberalism as the sole victor, the battle was settled, …   →

Entrepreneurs, despots and dark elves

I’ll start by mentioning Curtis Yarvin’s latest article, which was not very well received in the corner of the internet where he and many other right-wing intellectuals have sought refuge from the contemporary shitstorms. Yarvin draws a parallel with the world of Tolkien, where the ruling elite are described as elves and ordinary people as …   →

Political recalibration

For a long time we have been stomping at a political crossroads with only two exits, right or left. Some people know where they want to go, they are aware of the two different visions of society. But the question is, is it not time to adjust our political compass? The root of the right/left …   →

The right of abortion, a left or right position?

Abortion is constantly brought up as a talking point in debates, especially in election years. And often the right positions itself against, and the left for. In progressive European countries the issue is rather lukewarm, with many parties advocating the right of abortion; in other countries, the issue is debated more vociferously. In concrete terms, …   →

System criticism or cultural criticism?

A week or so ago, Fox News star reporter Tucker Carlson interviewed famed right-wing philosopher Curtis Yarvin, aka Mencius Moldbug. It was both a long and interesting conversation, which probably could not have been broadcast on any other mainstream TV channel. Yarvin is “cancelled” by the leftist establishment, presumably for criticizing our Western democratic system, …   →

The autocratic entrepreneur

The libertarian philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe advocates a state in which a dictatorial inherited entrepreneur rules the country. Some may see the leader as a monarch, while others see him as a business leader, who may be deposed by the shareholders / people if he does not make the right decision for the company / country. …   →

The Count gives ice-cold advice

I rang the bell several times, but no one answered. Sometimes he would listen to his old 78s and it would take him a while to get to the door. Just as I was beginning to despair and thinking of going home, the Count appeared in the stairwell. Dressed in a dark gray coat, elegant …   →

Right and wrong

Slavery is considered wrong and reprehensible, but there is a historical background that may shed some light on the matter. In ancient Greece, prisoners of war or criminals were often enslaved. The penalty was labour instead of imprisonment. Prisons were unusual and were probably seen as meaningless as the general perception was that the perpetrators …   →