The 1970s are back – who will save us this time?

The turmoil of the 1970s is partly reflected in popular culture, with films such as The Warriors, set in a graffiti-painted slum, seeing violent clashes between different gangs. A result of urban depopulation, economic crises, business closures, ethnic divisions and riots. And in the Bond film Diamonds are Forever, we see the homosexual couple Mr. …   →

Why everyone hates the middle class

The middle class is under constant attack from the left, but also from other radical groups. It’s a bit tacky to be middle class, a bit anxious and stupid, like the sheep in the pasture who don’t understand anything and just go with the flow. And it is often considered right and proper to criticize …   →

The agony of the left

In the last two presidential elections, the American progressive movement has enjoyed enormous success. Or rather, they could have, if they played their cards better. And I’m thinking of Bernie Sanders’ strong campaigns, which managed to attract both left-wing voters and so-called ordinary people. The radical movement has probably never been more successful in the …   →

The Nord Stream sabotage and the irrelevance of mainstream media

It was, of course, something of a bombshell when Seymour Hersh described the whole sequence of events surrounding how the Americans, with the help of Norwegians, sabotaged Nord Stream and blew up several of its gas pipelines. This prevented Germans and other Europeans from buying cheap natural gas, and created a sense of “no return” …   →

A divided America

I have discussed the concept of secession several times, it is about regions that break away from a state formation to become independent, or to join another state. Especially in light of the Ukraine conflict, where regions such as Crimea and Eastern Donbass sought autonomy or participation in the Russian Federation. I thought I’d take …   →

Blame the system

We are obsessed with the system. When something is wrong, we want to change the system. And the system in this case is the political system, and all its subsystems and ideologies. A few hundred years ago we had a political system called a monarchy or an aristocracy. Some monarchs treated their subjects badly, others …   →

Global banana republic

Most countries on the American continent are considered banana republics, with the exception of the United States and Canada. And it’s a sad development, where we see formerly rich countries like Brazil, for example, turning into corrupt and unmanageable societies. Even Argentina might have become a more successful society if it were not haunted by …   →

The new Europe

By now, most people have realized that the EU is a colossal failure. We sit and wait for the euro to crash, and for the EU to land in yet another economic crisis that is currently spreading. And this time it will be more serious, with electricity shortages and perhaps even rationing of food and …   →

Feminist capitalism

We can state the following, since women entered the labour market, wages have decreased. Of course, it’s all about supply and demand; the more people competing for jobs, the more you can squeeze wages, at least initially. In the past, a middle class man could support a whole family, that is no longer possible, now …   →

In the dark wake of progressivism

In a society that previously celebrated progressivism and radicalism, it is now difficult to be radical. It hardly works in politics where there is some kind of left-wing conformism, the same in philosophy and social science, where new ideas are forced to pass through a filter of various climate and woke ideologies. Dissenting thoughts are …   →

The legislator, the people and the nation

What constitutes a nation? Is it its people, culture, habits and customs or its legal framework – or all of it? On whose authority did the ancient legislators act, Lycurgus, Solon or the Fathers of the American Constitution? There was obviously already a people seeking their services, but perhaps not united or unified? The Constitution …   →