Christian conservatism and activism in the wake of the migration crisis

Over the years, a counter-movement to globalism and mass migration has emerged. People who focus on traditional values, the local community, the family and the church. Often called the Christian right, they are despised by both the left and liberals. They see themselves as the last refuge and saviours of Western civilisation. By re-Christianising Europe, …   →

The potential public improvement and development benefits of migration

There is a lot of talk about population exchange, mass migration, not sending their best, etc. To put it bluntly, it is clearly not the rocket scientist who are arriving in the suburbs of the West, building mosques for oil money, demanding regulations and exemptions, subsidised and often supported by taxpayers. Nor is it the …   →

The myth that immigration is profitable

In Sweden, immigration has been sold as a win-win situation for society, at least in the past, that migrants would get jobs and contribute to taxes and growth. They would also take care of our elderly, as well as contribute cultural enrichment. A win for all of us. DI (Sweden’s largest financial daily) has been …   →

Isn’t it better to live in a warm shitty country than in a cold and dark one?

Many Swedes now live in a dysfunctional environment, with explosions, crime and high taxes but weaker social services. And more and more people are starting to wonder whether it wouldn’t be better to live in a warm shitty country than a cold and dark one? There are many countries in the world with half-assed public …   →

What does the far right want?

We are not talking about the totalitarian ideologies of the early 20th century, but about the far right that is around us today. What do they really want? And how do their views differ from those of ordinary people? Perhaps they are inspired by the way we lived a few decades ago, when things were …   →