While the koran burn

While an activist burned a Koran in Stockholm – and the whole Muslim world went ballistic, the Swedish government groveled, apologised and considered blasphemy laws – a lot else was happening too. Hunter, Joe Biden’s unhinged son, is becoming increasingly burdened with his business dealings in Ukraine and drug and sex parties. The business, which …   →

Nobody wants to be called a racist

No one wants to be called a racist, for it is considered particularly degrading to engage in ethnic sorting of people for bad traits; and being subjected to this magical epithet is now associated with an almost ritual shame. Well, agitating for the murder of specific ethnic groups should not be confused with old ladies …   →

Look at me, love me – and give me money!

Is it reasonable that everyone should love transsexuals, queers, overweight people, people with full tattoos, etc, etc? Today we see more and more strange groups demanding acceptance and equality. They want to be recognised and maybe even liked by you. They want to worm their way into your consciousness. It’s not about equality in general …   →

Demography and population exchanges in turn-of-the-century Europe, a brief historical comment

In 1916 there were about 2.2 million inhabitants in Vienna, almost half of whom came from Bohemia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, etc. In 1939 the population was down to just under 1.8 million. And in 1990 the population was estimated at just under 1.5 million, with far more German-speaking inhabitants than before. As economic and …   →

Best in the world at democracy

The concept of democracy is an interesting one to revisit periodically. What is considered important in a democratic society has changed throughout history. When modern democracies emerged after the American Revolutionary War, the focus was on the constitution. Today the constitution is not the most important validator (in many countries tt may be changed and …   →

Trump – careless and a spy, or just a tactical move by his opponents?

Images of President Donald Trump storing secret papers in a bathroom at his Florida residence are spreading across the internet. The media is reporting a ‘historic indictment’, but few are analysing what it is really about. An American president has seen it all, he has been briefed on all the secrecy going on around the …   →

Mankind – oversocialised, unfree and trapped in the cage of industrial society?

Theodore Kaczynski, the UNA bomber, passed away recently. He is partly remembered for his philosophical writings, in which he describes human as over-socialised, unfree and trapped in the intricate web of industrial society. He himself moved to the wilderness and attempted a life there. Kaczynski is best known for the bombs he sent to selected …   →

Whistleblower tells of crashed alien crafts

David Charles Grusch, an Afghan war veteran and intelligence officer reveals that US authorities have encountered alien craft and similar objects, and have a number in their custody. He doesn’t say much more than that, there is no hard evidence presented in the form of photographs or the like, nor is it clear whether Grusch …   →

Is local self-government a threat to nations and empires?

Are self-governing regions and municipalities a threat to the idea of nation and empire building? Of course, this objection can be made. The US is an empire, as are the EU and China, states made up of many different provinces and regions, where a central power has influence. I would argue that local government is …   →

Building a functioning nation out of a multicultural society of chaos

Historically, of course, the idea of governing a diverse society with many different ethnicities is nothing new. Romans, Greeks, Ottomans and Habsburgs have tried, and indeed succeeded, in keeping it stable for hundreds of years. It is a kind of oscillation between a strict authoritarian state and looser local self-government. The imperial power rarely interferes …   →

Bring in politicians from more suitable countries to govern Sweden

During the week, we were made aware of foreign gangs that have been wreaking havoc at Swedish amusement parks and funfairs; they spit, push their way through queues and threaten little girls. Without the security staff reacting significantly. Probably nothing new, but this time a father had the courage to stand up and tell the …   →