Let the gloomy clouds disperse

When I was a child we believed in the future, we thought we soon would be travelling in hovers between the cities’ skyscrapers. And we expected that man would soon explore the stars. Nuclear power was risky but gave us fantastic opportunities for unlimited energy. And of course, humanity had many problems, but they would   →

The eternal dilemma of how to govern society

Plato devoted a lot of time to the classic dilemma regarding how to govern society. Inspired by the Spartans, he felt that the country should be ruled by a wise single ruler. The problem itself was the question of how the ruler would become wise. A special education and training was considered necessary. Thereafter, this   →

What will you do with the money?

More and more often, banks ask questions to their customers when they want to transfer or withdraw money. Especially in foreign transactions and slightly larger amounts, they want to know what the cash withdrawal is for. And if you don’t answer, you won’t get any money. Now it is not that the bank is particularly   →

The postmodern myth of creation

The creation mythology of Western civilization include by necessity the Greeks and the Romans. Although many Europeans have no direct relationship with these early Mediterranean peoples, we highlight their cultural deeds. They are the dawn of our continent. We have all borrowed our alphabet from them, our legal frameworks, ideas of state, education, science, art,   →

Who wants to integrate?

In Sweden, there is often talk of integration, that immigrants must adapt to Swedish culture, and when this happens peace and joy will spread over the land. Integration really means that both parties need to adapt a bit, but the word is most often used to describe the immigrants’ adjustment to society. Assimilation may sound   →

The naive youth cult

In a world where the only fixed value is the constant change, who should you ask for advice? Who should we talk to in order to understand and become more aware of the times? Ask the young people, is often the answer given. Young people are the people of tomorrow, they possess the magical knowledge   →