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The agony of the left

In the last two presidential elections, the American progressive movement has enjoyed enormous success. Or rather, they could have, if they played their cards better. And I’m thinking of Bernie Sanders’ strong campaigns, which managed to attract both left-wing voters and so-called ordinary people. The radical movement has probably never been more successful in the …   →

The Nord Stream sabotage and the irrelevance of mainstream media

It was, of course, something of a bombshell when Seymour Hersh described the whole sequence of events surrounding how the Americans, with the help of Norwegians, sabotaged Nord Stream and blew up several of its gas pipelines. This prevented Germans and other Europeans from buying cheap natural gas, and created a sense of “no return” …   →

A divided America

I have discussed the concept of secession several times, it is about regions that break away from a state formation to become independent, or to join another state. Especially in light of the Ukraine conflict, where regions such as Crimea and Eastern Donbass sought autonomy or participation in the Russian Federation. I thought I’d take …   →

Blame the system

We are obsessed with the system. When something is wrong, we want to change the system. And the system in this case is the political system, and all its subsystems and ideologies. A few hundred years ago we had a political system called a monarchy or an aristocracy. Some monarchs treated their subjects badly, others …   →

Why is no one waving the white flag?

It was perfectly legitimate to criticise the Vietnam War, it almost developed into a popular movement over the years. And it was also right and proper to criticise George Bush and the wars in Afghanistan and, above all, Iraq. Even the wars in Libya and Syria can be questioned, there is nothing strange about that. …   →

Global banana republic

Most countries on the American continent are considered banana republics, with the exception of the United States and Canada. And it’s a sad development, where we see formerly rich countries like Brazil, for example, turning into corrupt and unmanageable societies. Even Argentina might have become a more successful society if it were not haunted by …   →

Great Powers 2050

What is happening today in Ukraine is seen by some as a major reshaping of power structures in the world. The misguided sanctions against Russia have exposed the weaknesses of the American empire, and we are seeing an economic crisis in the West, while the Russians seem to be faring unashamedly well. Moreover, the dollar …   →

Isn’t it better to live in a warm shitty country than in a cold and dark one?

Many Swedes now live in a dysfunctional environment, with explosions, crime and high taxes but weaker social services. And more and more people are starting to wonder whether it wouldn’t be better to live in a warm shitty country than a cold and dark one? There are many countries in the world with half-assed public …   →

The journey goes to Krakow

Before I had time to really reflect, I had impulsively bought a plane ticket to Krakow. It didn’t cost very much, thanks to the new low-cost airlines that have taken over the market, and it was a direct flight, with no annoying stopovers, to the airport named after the Polish Pope John Paul II. An …   →

Degeneration, or merely a return to a historical normal?

Many see the conflict in eastern Ukraine as an outright Russian occupation, ignoring the possible right of ethnic Russian regions to self-rule or secession. Ukraine is seen as a normal democratic Western country, while the Russians are the undemocratic aggressors, using the Russian minority as leverage for their imperialist ambitions. If, for various reasons, one …   →

The First and Second Anglo Empire

The Angles were a North Germanic people who lived somewhere between present-day Denmark and Germany, and the origin of the name has often been associated with fishing or sea bays. When they arrived in the British Isles around 4-500 AD, they were met by Celtic tribes who were defeated and slowly pushed westwards into present-day …   →