Putin at odds with the West

The now-famous interview with Russian president Putin, published last week by Tucker Carlson, raises a number of questions for the average person. The first thing people think about is why Putin is being interviewed. Is it morally right? Should you interview a person like Putin? I would say that if you ask these questions, you …   →

Tyranny in progress

When our modern liberalism came into vogue, also known as social liberalism, it embraced equality, social safety nets and greater state responsibility. This happened in many countries (especially in Europe) after World War II and beyond. Liberalism became a kind of super-ideology, and there were international organisations that accelerated its progress, including the United Nations. …   →

Nikki Haley – the alternative to Trump – and the new candidate of the wealthy

As Trump’s presidential campaign moves forward, despite all the allegations and legal tricks against him, the opposition is weakening. The Democratic Party has no real candidate, and few believe that Joe Biden will last another term, or even make it through the campaign. The challenge now is to find a new challenger to Trump, and …   →

Prophecies for 2024

In a changing world, it is increasingly difficult to predict events and trends for the coming year. So, let’s look at the big picture. Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will join BRICS this year. A cooperation that is outside the control and consent of the West, which instead becomes a …   →

Does Biden talk to Putin?

There are many sources claiming that Biden and Putin are not talking to each other, or at least very rarely. And this is stranger than we first realise. Even during the Cold War nuclear threat, American presidents talked to Soviet leaders. There were channels for discussions and consultations. It was not seen as strange, even …   →

Political ideology in the age of lies

Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni ran on a platform of reducing immigration and strengthening Italian family ties. But this was a lie, and it wasn’t many months before the mass influx of refugees continued. And the promised local initiatives are likely to be delayed. The same thing happened in the US. Biden promised improvement after the …   →

Political earthquake in Argentina

Libertarian Javier Milei won the presidential election in Argentina by a wide margin. His policies are based on classic libertarian principles, including cutting the number of government agencies, stopping the central bank from manipulating fiscal policy, etc. It is about less power for the state and more power for the individual. And possible punishment for …   →

The trend-sensitive country in the north

Mines, iron ore and forests have long been part of Sweden’s basic industry. The iron could be refined into swords and cannons, and the forest into ships, buildings and furniture. But it was during the later stages of the industrial revolution, between 1870 and 1970, that Sweden became one of the richest nations in the …   →

When the plug goes out

We are in a delicate situation, where the state of the world can change monumentally from one day to the next, due to a number of factors that have been building up for a long time and accelerating. The first thing is the health of President Joe Biden. We have been following his struggles for …   →

The great experiment

Since the year 2000, over 1.5 million migrants have arrived in Sweden. Most have arrived as refugees or family members. Although few of them meet the UN refugee criteria. They have been welcomed into the country, initially supported by taxpayers, but also for a long time afterwards, as many find it difficult to enter the …   →

While the koran burn

While an activist burned a Koran in Stockholm – and the whole Muslim world went ballistic, the Swedish government groveled, apologised and considered blasphemy laws – a lot else was happening too. Hunter, Joe Biden’s unhinged son, is becoming increasingly burdened with his business dealings in Ukraine and drug and sex parties. The business, which …   →