Bring in politicians from more suitable countries to govern Sweden

During the week, we were made aware of foreign gangs that have been wreaking havoc at Swedish amusement parks and funfairs; they spit, push their way through queues and threaten little girls. Without the security staff reacting significantly. Probably nothing new, but this time a father had the courage to stand up and tell the …   →

Swedish hubris – the rise and fall of the record-setting country

Many Swedes have never been attracted to a high-tax society or multiculturalism. They feel cheated and trampled on. And more and more people have changed their minds along the way, moving from being radical to more conservative in their view of society. And now they want to stop the decay and transformation of the country. …   →

Europe as a third major power, with France as the leading nation

Germany is shutting down its last reactors and focusing on coal power instead. The shift is a result of pressure from environmentalists. One might question the logic of this, as nuclear energy is extremely clean compared to coal. There is also considerable scope for developing and improving nuclear energy, while coal-fired power stations are certainly …   →

A narrow window of opportunity – the agony of the American Empire, and the world that caught up with it

Others have said it better than me, but it bears repeating. The US had a narrow window of opportunity to shape the world at the turn of the millennium, before Russia reasserted itself and before China emerged on the global stage. That window is closing, and Washington’s panic is manifesting itself in ill-conceived proxy conflicts …   →

The plastic-baggery

Several Western countries have now banned plastic bags. In fact they are not actually banned, but only in certain specific contexts. It is not allowed to sell them over the counter, with the intention of packing goods in them for home transport. It is also not allowed to use so-called organic plastic bags made from …   →

The myth that immigration is profitable

In Sweden, immigration has been sold as a win-win situation for society, at least in the past, that migrants would get jobs and contribute to taxes and growth. They would also take care of our elderly, as well as contribute cultural enrichment. A win for all of us. DI (Sweden’s largest financial daily) has been …   →

The agony of the left

In the last two presidential elections, the American progressive movement has enjoyed enormous success. Or rather, they could have, if they played their cards better. And I’m thinking of Bernie Sanders’ strong campaigns, which managed to attract both left-wing voters and so-called ordinary people. The radical movement has probably never been more successful in the …   →

Degeneration, or merely a return to a historical normal?

Many see the conflict in eastern Ukraine as an outright Russian occupation, ignoring the possible right of ethnic Russian regions to self-rule or secession. Ukraine is seen as a normal democratic Western country, while the Russians are the undemocratic aggressors, using the Russian minority as leverage for their imperialist ambitions. If, for various reasons, one …   →

Prophecies for 2023

Although it is an annual tradition to contribute predictions for the coming year, I humbly acknowledge that I am not very good at this art form. Reality is often crazier or more unpredictable than I can imagine. But shame on you, one day you’ll get it right. Events we already know about are the World …   →

The do nothing president?

From the political right, the sabers are now being sharpened against Trump. He was the president who had a unique chance, but he failed, he did nothing. Biden and his men may not agree, as they have large piles of decrees in front of them, to restore their order and end Trump’s changes. In any …   →

Introvert era of psychologists and yogis

On a daily basis, we can read about the US President Donald Trump’s mental state, written by people who doesn’t know him, or never even met him. They are neither psychologists nor psychiatrists, yet they attribute various diagnoses to the president on social media and other media channels. Trump is considered to suffer from a …   →